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Job Description:

Speaking of the right fit, you are the person who gets out and about into the organization. You are impartial, not an apologist. You are resourceful to deliver constant innovation the organization needs, not just to survive, but thrive. You are not necessarily a powerful charismatic orator, but you are sincere and tactful. You are detailed to a point, and hands-on. Read on to find out if you meet all the basic criteria!

The Job:

  • To guide and manage the overall provision of HR services, policies, and programs for the entire company, and assists the CEO in all aspects of HR. Major areas include:
    1. Recruiting, staffing and compliance to regulatory concerns.
    2. Driving and enforcing organization goals, culture and core values.
    3. Employee orientation, development, and training.
    4. Openness in communication with employees of all levels.
    5. Planning and implementation of organizational changes and development that is akin to Google.
    6. Performance management and improvement systems.
    7. Policy development and documentation.
    8. Company-wide committee facilitation.
    9. Compensation, benefits administration and people-related budgeting.
    10. Employee safety, welfare, wellness and health.
    11. Employee services and counselling.
    12. Overall administration matters including reception, cleanliness, security, space planning and travel desk.
  • To initiate and lead HR practices and objectives to provide an employee-oriented, high performance culture that emphasizes empowerment, quality, productivity and standards, goal attainment.
  • To coordinate the implement of services, policies, and programs through HR staff; reports to the CEO, and serves on the executive management team to assist and advise company managers about HR issues.
  • To oversee the ongoing development of a superior workforce through best-in-class recruitment, onboarding, employee engagement and relations, as well as facilitate branch office management & leadership training, performance management, and staff recognition programs for our nearly 500 employees.
  • To drive the company culture and core values to be aligned with IPO.
  • To develop a superior workforce by identifying good and bad human issues, calibrating and aligning them into the mission, vision, values and goals of the company.
  • To develop the Human Resources department.
  • To execute strengths-based management to develop an employee-oriented company culture that emphasizes quality, continuous improvement and high performance.
  • To be committed to personal ongoing development.


The Person:

  • Mission & Culture Fit -- Unquestioned integrity and commitment to the mission, vision, values and goals of the Inmagine Group of Companies. Comfort and experience on topics of race, class and gender in team building and improving performance. Balances data, wisdom, experience, and judgment to make sound decisions that align with our culture and values. Exhibits flexibility in a fast-paced environment, self-directs and prioritizes effectively. Demonstrates continuous learning and a desire for feedback.
  • Champion for Talent -- Rigorously assesses talent, identifies and recommends potential candidates to other leaders for further development. An outstanding manager, leader, and strategic thinker who is driven to find better ways to recruit, support, develop, and retain a high-performing team.
  • Relationship and Achievement Orientation -- A history of successful teamwork, effective management, and extensive track record of achieving impressive results, both individually and through others. Ability to quickly and effectively build relationships, motivate and engage a diverse group of stakeholders. Approachability, strong listening skills, ability to diffuse and resolve high-tension situations, while positively demonstrating leadership behavior.
  • Experience in managing multiple functions and possesses the working knowledge of HR fundamentals
  • Possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in Law / Human Resources Management.


  • Global Exposure: Besides travel opportunities, you'll get to mingle and work with international colleagues on exciting new ventures. It's a chance to expand your horizons and discover your full potential!
  • Entrepreneurial Culture: Run by real entrepreneurs, our methods are oftentimes unconventional. So, if you have an appetite for risk and view challenges as opportunities, this is it!
  • A Team Members: We hire talents, not employees...and talents organize that teamwork is the way to go! While we're hardworking and results-oriented, we believe that there's a right time for everything.
  • Rocking Diversity: Play hard, work harder with people of diverse skill sets and experiences! Challenge yourself to step out of your comfort zone, and you'll find yourself growing in ways you'd never imagine.
  • Fast & Curious: Everything happens at a fast and exciting pace here...and our talents are smart, curious and quick on their feet, ever ready to improve on current tasks at a drop of that hat!
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